How to get rid of cough

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January 20, 2017
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How to get rid of cough

Even an itching throat is unbearable what about u can’t even stay relax and cough made u comfortless all the time. How to get rid of cough is a question which are as common as how to lose weight right?

Yes that’s true my readers but simply if I can say it’s easy to solve the question of how to get rid of cough then next question arise is the only remedy is medicine but what about those who is not ready to take medicine because of any reason
Before discussing the remedies, it is very essential to know the actual reasons of cough only then the query of how to get rid of cough is being solved

Usually cold and flu are the main reasons of getting dry cough that can cause lungs muscles itching and aching badly.

Even only this is not that cause of cough, allergies, asthma etc. but certain drugs such as for high blood pressure and allergies cause unbearable cough.

Now what mostly happened everybody is so busy in their life that they want quick relief method to get rid of cough. People who can afford the side effects of medicine they depend on medicines but actually there are some easiest remedies that anyone can do it to know how to get rid of cough in a very short time.

Following are the five easiest ways to get the knowledge of clearing the how to get rid of a cough in a little span of a time.


The easy way to get rid of cough is to remain hydrated which ultimately make the mucous membrane wet not make it dry and it is very helpful in winters


How to get rid of cough

Taking hot drinks mostly hot cup of tea with honey is usually very beneficial to those who are suffering with throat itching which ultimately results to cough.



When we try to sleep at night now the cough becomes our biggest enemy to make us uncomfortable and restless. At night your throat irritates and make you feel cough. The incline posture on sleep helps you to ease cough and sleep peacefully.


Humidifier may also help in this regard. It helps to remove congestion and provide a free and clean environment to breath and soothe your throat instead to inhale dust particles .It humidifies the environment in a dry home and usually in winters.

There are more some quick remedies which I share in this article which gives u quick method tp get rid of cough immediately

  • Salt water gargles is a good way to get relief from cough
  • Avoid smoking if u r a smoker
  • Avoid inhalation of such dust particles, perfumes and excess particles .You can use mask on your nose as well
  • Ginger is one of the best element to reduce throat irritation and gives soothe to it


If you really want to soothe your throat and get rid of cough as soon as possible try these above mentioned remedies right at your home without any delay and stay healthy and fit.


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