How to lose belly fat in a week

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Do you ask to yourself daily how to lose belly fat in a week? Is belly fat bothering you? Do you feel embarrassed because of belly fat in parties?  Do you want to know tips for how to lose belly fat in a week?


There are many magical drinks and remedies to lose belly fat in week but are they healthy? NO, Big NO to all shortcuts, because they are not healthy everything has side effects. there is just healthy life style which helps you to lose belly fat.

Here are some basic tips of healthy life style to lose belly fat.



How to lose belly fat in a week?

Do you have enough knowledge and understanding about how to lose belly fat in a week but not a motivation, then you have nothing. Don’t compare yourself with others compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

Who is YOUR motivation?

Answer is “you”. Yes, it’s you only you are the motivation for yourself if you want to do anything than no one can resist you if you are not willing to achieve no one can make it happen. The consistency is the main key to achieve anything so why not for flat stomach?

Yes, it’s not 70% diet and 30% workout.

It’s 100% diet 100% exercise and 200% motivation keep moving you are beautiful and yes you can do.

Eat healthy:

How to lose belly fat in a week

Healthy eating is not a diet it is a lifestyle. Are you amazed how to lose belly fat in a week just by healthy eating. yes, it is key point of healthy lifestyle don’t crave yourself don’t let yourself hungry to lose belly. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, pulses, milk all are healthy food but only if you consume them in a portion control and restrict highly processed food as much as you can.

Portion control:

How to lose belly fat in a week

Portion control is a healthy way of eating that you can eat everything but in a small portion eat proper meals to complete our body requirements. you have to divide your meal according to portions that is carbs, protein, fiber vegetables, fruits and diary.

In every meal you should have a small portion of carbs (starch, whole wheat, rice, bread etc.), portion of protein (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, lentils, beans etc.), small portion for diary (milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese), vegetables and take fruits as a snack before or after any heavy meal but try to avoid at night time.

Try to restrict yourself in portion and you will feel change in yourself within a week.

In this process you will consume 1500 to 2000 calories. but still you will lose weight and it will be count as life time healthy life style

Eat healthy, live healthy!


How to lose belly fat in a week

Internet is full with exercises and if you are curious to know about How to lose belly fat in a week?

Don’t forget to take opinion from expert because everyone has a different level and different stamina.

Tips for exercise and healthy life style:

  1. Start from 1st not from last
  2. keep in mind that expert was once a beginner
  3. Start from easy steps so that you can develop interest in yourself
  4. For better results you have to start from easy and less timings
  5. If u will start hard exercise from the first day then you will not be able to move on to next step and you will lose your interest.
  6. You have to stay motivated
  7. Don’t focus on the other person that he or she is doing exercise for 1 hour and why I cannot do. you will also be on that level just keep patience.

Here is some exercise for belly fat.

  1. leg rises
  2. crunches
  3. side crunches (with weight and without weight)
  4. good morning (with weight and without weight)
  5. plank (30 second each (3 times)
  6. plank with twist
  7. cycling (laying position)

Drink water:

You have to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water to reduce water retention. drinking more water keeps you full and prevent you from over eating.

Sleep well:

How to lose belly fat in a week?

Maintaining sleeping routine have many benefits weight loss is one of them you can loss belly fat with proper sleep early sleep early wake up makes you fit physically as well as mentally.


How to lose belly fat in a week

Do you know the fact How to lose belly fat in a week just by reducing stress? if you are stressed you are likely to gain weight and if you gain weight you typically get stressed they both go hand in hand. The cure for stress lies within us. it will never end until we will not end it. Everyone is having problems in life and sometimes we are unable to handle those problems and we move to the state of stress and depression. but there is a cure of everything. how can we end the stress and depression?

  1. Let go the things which are not in your hand. give them in the hand of nature.
  2. keep patience and keep in mind that everything take time.
  3. Don’t remain in past. learn from it and move next.
  4. The things which are in your hands and which u can achieve just keep on struggling with patience.
  5. See your strength instead of weakness.






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