How Many Oz of Water Should You Drink a Day

How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin
How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin
January 17, 2018
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How Many Oz of Water Should You Drink a Day

Water is an important necessity of our life. Our body itself consists of 60% water. So it must be very essential point that everyone thinks about that how many Oz of water should you drink a day. The institute of medicine (IOM) presently recommends that men should drink at least 13 cups of water and women should try to drink almost 9 cups. In this way they can fulfill the necessity of water which is needed for their body.

This is not an only estimate for everyone. We all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement. In other words as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit.

Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations. But if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation is about 80 eighty-ounce a day. So everyone should know about their own needs that how many Oz of water should you drink a day to be healthy and fit.

 Benefits of Water Intake

So ignoring the needs, there are a bundle of benefits of water intake. water is itself the sign of freshness and beauty it is good for allover body and skin as well.

  • As much as water we will drink, there would be more need of urination and with urination system the waste of our body discharged.
  • The perspiration and bowl movement also beneficial for overall body.
  • The temperature of our body remains calm and normal.
  • Good for joints.
  • Sensitive tissues are protected.

So we have to decide keeping under consideration all these facts, that how much water our body need,

How Many Oz of Water Should You Drink a Day and then we have to set a standard. The next step is to complete our goal to remain healthy regarding intake of water.


Every time we used to hear the advice that drink 80-ounce water per day, but it depends on the condition of our surrounding environment and our body hydration level. May be its good for some people to have less than 80 ounces and may be some need more than 80 ounces to keep their fitness healthy and leveled.

The need of water depends upon various factors:

  • Health requirements
  • Atmospheres
  • Workouts
  • Breast feeding or in situation of pregnancy.


Here we are discussing the need of water for the women.

How Many Oz of Water Should You Drink a Day

Women in Pregnancy:

  • A woman needs to drink more water during pregnancy. She should keep monetize that how many ounces of water a day she has to take. A pregnant woman should try to intake almost 80 ounces a day. Drinking fair amount of water can help the women with swollen feet and ankles. It will help you to stop bladder infections.The intake of water and other fluids can also lessen your chance of getting constipation.

How Many Oz of Water Should You Drink a Day?

Breast Feeding Mother:

When a breastfeeding mother is dehydrated, her baby also feels that and starts getting peachy and irritable because the baby finds it difficult to suckle. Whereas the mother also gets disturbed and starts to feel tired, gets irritable and is unable to multi-tasking. Her skin gets dry and she also starts having constipation which makes everything even worse. So it is necessary for a woman to stay hydrated and take Care About how many ounces of water a day she has to take in order to fulfill her and her baby needs.


The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

  • So the intake of water and awareness of how many Oz of water should you drink a day is very necessary to maintain the fitness level, we call also lose weight problems with extra intake as water is more than good for our body, head to toe we need water for our every part of body to work efficiently and to remain healthy and fit.

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