How to Remove Ink from Clothes

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How to Remove Ink from Clothes

Have u ever heard about that I lost my favorite bag, I lost my favorite dress because I can’t wear it now due to ink stain due to ballpoint stain …. ahhh the stain which is impossible to remove? How to remove ink from clothes is usually remain the question for all of us as no one expects that it’s not a nightmare but a normal stain which can be easily washable.

There are various types of the ink stain. Now anyone can distinguish these by simply knowing it’s water-based ink stain or ballpoint or the permanent highlighter or marker stain nut fortunately how to remove ink from clothes is not a problem now.

Three types of Ink stains have become the part of discussion here so that we get easily the remedy to get rid of Ink stain that’s how you get rid of ink stains


Firstly, the water-based stains, a remedy is a small process of how to get rid of ink stains in which you have to take a clean, dry cloth or towel and finely apply water on the stained area and then blot it with another clean cloth while doing this gradually the stain transfers to the clean cloth and then normally put a little bit of detergent on the stained area and wash it using hot water but keep in mind the fabric type. Lastly wash it normally if after washing still stained area is not clear repeat the process to remove any remaining traces of stain on the cloth.


One of the difficult stain which is almost impossible to remove until the fabric can be bleached out and the question of how to get rid of it remain question but yes other than that there are some powerful tips which let your fabric permanent ink stain free completely if not completely but fade away for sure.

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Nail polish remover
  • Try acetone


Take a clean towel and then put the stained item on the top of it and then test the solution on a hidden side of the fabric and after testing blot the area with rubbing alcohol.

Try to move garment to a clean side of it that is preferably the dry section of the towel so that it prevents from taking any shade of the stain again. Lastly, rinse the alcohol rubbed area completely maybe u have to rinse it for multiple times.


Using a nail polish remover is again a hard job just like rubbing alcohol on the fabric which is dangerous for the fabric as it can somehow destroy the fabric. Firstly, take a test on the hidden side of the cloth. After testing blot the stained area and use the similar process of clean towel as done in rubbing alcohol procedure


You can also use acetone but this is for rayon and acetate fabric as it can destroy a lot of fabric so be careful before using it and use it carefully. Follow the same procedure as told above but rinse the fabric after washing multiple times to get rid of stain and acetone both after washing the fabric.


Ballpoint stains are not as difficult as permanent ink stains but yes moderately difficult to remove so the same procedures as used in permanent ink stain section can be used here.

Also, apply regular liquid detergents onto the stained area and leave it for 3-5 minutes for the absorbing on to the cloth.

Bottom line how to get rid of ink stains is not a most difficult job on earth the above-mentioned remedies can make the process easier than before.

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